Male ♂ | 6 YEARS OLD | 65 LBS

Booker is a sweet, gentle soul with a heart that wants only to please. He can be mischievous and playful or serious and watchful of his people. He is such a good boy with no bad habits we have been able to detect. Occasionally he’ll hop up onto the sofa and get comfy but scoot off immediately when he hears someone coming. This is a remnant from his past as we don’t care if he wants to be on the sofa. He gets along with the other dogs in his pack and goes to doggie day care but prefers a quiet environment where he can just chill. He might do very well as a jogging partner as he is energetic and loves to play. He is a velcro dog and will want to be by your side. He seems ok with cats and small dogs. We don’t have any children so don’t know how he’d be.