Male ♂ | 2 YEARS OLD | 100 LBS

Carson is a stunning white German Shepherd. He is an affectionate, loving and curious dog who will need an experienced handler to continue his training - as he had a very neglectful owner who provided little to no training or socialization early on.  The work we have done with him so far has shown us that with patience and consistency, Carson will be a dream dog.   

Carson was pulled from a shelter on the central coast.  Since poor Carson had very little socialization early on, he is in process of learning about the world around him, as well as learning proper house manners.  He has learned to sit, and is learning to walk on a leash.  He has an insatiable curiosity which makes it a bit difficult for him to pay attention during training sessions, but is incredibly entertaining. He is extremely smart, and learns very quickly once he understands.  He is a medium energy dog who will be devoted to the person willing to spend the time with him to develop a strong trusting relationship. 

Carson came into the shelter bone thin with a rope cinched around his neck.  Because of this neglect/mistreatment he has a difficult time trusting (though he really wants to) and he needs an experienced handler.  He is timid but protective - especially when it comes to food and treats. He is also very sensitive when it comes to his neck - likely due to that rope.  Use of prong collars and choke chains is strongly discouraged.  He must have a person who can be both gentle and firm. He may be trainable when it comes to cats, but he seems to have a strong prey drive, and we therefore recommend a home without cats currently present. He also would like an active household without young children.  

Carson loves attention, and this desire can be used to help him learn. He has successfully met other dogs, and could probably live happily with another submissive dog who will not want to dominate him. This could also help his training progress more rapidly.