Male ♂ | 9 YEARS OLD | 75 LBS

Chili is the most adorable and funniest 9 year old boy you will ever meet. He offers a big grin and flops over for a tummy rub when you return home. All he wants is to be next to you wherever you are, lying at your feet or nestled next to you on the sofa with his head in your lap. He loves going for walks and several a day would be heaven for him. Chili really needs a front yard where he can watch the street and watch your going and coming also. He’s a chow and attaches deeply to his people so will need to be integrated into another home. He’s never been around children but seems ok with small dogs and cats. His preference seems to be other chows dogs who just ignore him and seems to do well with two or three other dogs. Because of his need to be integrated into a new home we need an adopter who is willing to come and visit with him and walk him a few times a week at his foster home by Grossmont Center in La Mesa.