FEMale ♀ | 6-8 years old | 65 lbs

Ginna is medium energy and weighs about 65-70 lbs. She is still very shy from having a rough life but she is good with people she knows and trusts, (those who give her lots of treats) and appears good with most other dogs. We do not yet know how she is with children. Ginna is just entering her senior years but doesn't show it. She loves to play and has plenty of energy for long walks and hikes. She likes being close to her people, giving kisses in response to pets and scratches. She is very smart and responds well to positive reinforcement, treats and kindness. She will be perfect with a quiet, adult family who will give her a little space as well as walks and treats until she relaxes. It doesn't take long for her to feel safe and protected. She has a very calm and sweet nature and wants be loved and accepted and know she is a good dog. She knows her sit and down and comes when called.