FEMale ♀ | 8-9 years old | 85 lbs

Laidie is a 8-9 year old Belgian Shepherd Sheepdog with a wonderful temperament. She loves children who are respectful of her age and gets along well with other dogs. She is very tolerant but isn’t shy about letting another dog know when it’s gone too far. She does not seem to have much prey drive and is typically mellow—in fact, she is completely cat friendly and enjoys their company!

She is a dog who will enjoy being with the family at all times without being intrusive. She loves big yards with lots to explore and prefers walking in places where she can find new and interesting things to check out typical of her breed. She also has a protective side and will assure that no stranger gets past her. She has a magnificent coat and a tail which touches the floor. She will need regular grooming to keep her looking like the royalty she is. She is not good with small dogs which she likes to pick up and carry so no small dogs please.