FEMale ♀ | 3 years old | 45 lbs

When Lucy came to us, she was incredibly fearful of people (and was placed on the kill list at Moreno Valley Animal Shelter because of it)—but it took her about three days in a foster home to go from running away from people to laying in their laps. Lucy is an amazing little dog with a sweet but sassy personality who will do anything for a treat and some belly rubs. She LOVES car rides and walks and would love to be someone's running buddy, but she isn't at all destructive or demanding if she doesn't get ample exercise. She's a mellow girl who just wants to be by your side.

Lucy is housetrained and crate trained, and she has never chewed up anything in her foster home or tried to escape the yard—both of which are surprising for a dog with husky in them! She rarely barks, and when she does it's laughably quiet. She knows how to sit, down, and roll over and is learning new tricks every day, as she's incredibly eager to please. The perfect family for Lucy is one where her initial need to warm up to people will be respected, in exchange for all her trust and love. She doesn't actively seek out play with other dogs, but likely wouldn't mind living with another mellow one.