Male ♂ | 1 YEAR OLD | 70 LBS

Maverick is 8 month old GSD pulled at the last minute from the Devore kill list, listed as a potential fear biter. The vet that held him for a couple of days told the transporter that he was the kind of dog that would “eat you.” They were terrified of him!

But when we picked him up, we saw no signs of aggression. He licked us through his crate and cried when we walked away. When we got him to a fenced yard, we tried everything we could to initiate a reaction. Touching. Taking his ball from his mouth. Taking TREATS from his mouth. Nothing. 

Finally we found the culprit: a massive overbite. Mavericks’ top jaw is so far ahead of his lower jaw that when he barks about anything, his lips pull and curl up, mimicking that terrifying gums-exposed snarl that can be so jarring. But he can’t help it that he looks scary! His mouth is just different than the other doggos! An OVERBITE, of all things. Glad that myth was debunked. 

Maverick was in a foster home with young children and was great with them, though he is a still a puppy and has some manners to learn. He's incredibly loving and people-oriented, but does have the tendency to challenge other dogs and will need strict boundaries with his future family to ensure he knows his place in the pack. He would be best as an only dog and with someone able to give him ample exercise and opportunities to “work,” as he is a German Shepherd through and through.