Our Mission ♡


At Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue we believe every dog should live a long and happy life, in a safe and loving home. Unfortunately the reality is that many thousands of dogs are picked up as strays and never reunited with their owners, and some are even surrendered to the shelters by those very owners.  If they are not claimed or adopted many are euthanized every day.  Our goal is to save as many of them as possible from these High Kill Shelters, rehabilitate and then adopt them into loving forever homes.

We are based in San Diego California, but rescue dogs from all over Southern California.  Our emphasis is on German Shepherds, German Shepherd Mixes and Chow Chows, but have been known to save other breeds as well.  We have a special fondness for Seniors who are often overlooked in favor of younger dogs.  The seniors often come with high medical expenses and it is only thanks to our donors that these wonderful dogs can be saved.

Once pulled from the shelters, our dogs are placed in foster homes where they are vetted and rehabilitated according to their individual needs. The primary behavioral issues we deal with are trust building, house training and proper socialization skills so they can function in their future forever homes. 

Fosters who generously open their homes and hearts to dogs desperate for love and support are the foundation of everything we do. Volunteers are also critical to our success. If you are interested in Fostering, Adopting, or Volunteering please fill out an application today!