Are you ready to save a dog’s life?

WE need red-alert fosters willing to TEMPORARILY TAKE IN DOGS as they are pulled from the kill lists at california shelters.

We receive urgent pleas to pull dogs from local kill lists daily—if added to our red-alert foster list, we will contact you when we see a dog at high risk of eminent euthanasia who fits the criteria you are looking for.

When it comes time for the right dog to come to your home, they will likely arrive to you you via transporter straight from the shelter or veterinarian. Our foster coordinator and, if needed, a trainer will meet you at your home with all the supplies you’ll need to care for him or her.

After applying below, our foster coordinator will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours to discuss what you are looking for in a foster dog, and how we can best support you.

Name *
Preferred way for us to contact you:
How much notice do you need to prepare for an incoming foster dog?
We recieve urgent pleas daily to pull dogs from the kill lists at local shelters, and we have to act quickly to save their lives.
How long are you able to host a dog, so long as they are a good fit for you?
We need fosters of all kinds, for all different periods of time.
Does your incoming foster need to be dog-friendly?
Does your incoming foster need to be cat-friendly?
Do you need to be sure that your incoming foster is safe around young children?
What size dog are you comfortable fostering?
Would you prefer to foster a German Shepherd or another breed?
While we are primarily a GSD rescue, we do take in dogs of all breeds.
Are you comfortable taking in a dog with known behavioral issues? (ie: fearfulness, separation anxiety, resource guarding)
We will of course communicate these behaviors to you, so long as they are known, and provide you with the support of a HH trusted trainer.

If you have any problems completing this application, please email for assistance.