Male ♂ | 18-24 MONTHS OLD | 95 LBS

Tyson is a young, rambunctious 18 month old GSD who is extremely kind to both adults and kids. As a matter of fact, if you sit down he will flop his whole body on you because he doesn't seem to understand how large he is.

Tyson is very food motivated and will listen to basic commands. He is leashed trained and does well with the prong collar, once he gets past the initial excitement of seeing a leash. He is a bit of a fence fighter, meaning he is reactive towards dogs on the other side of fences—a learned behavior from living in a chain-link kennel for months— but once corrected with the spray of the water bottle a few times, he’s able to calm down and self-regulate.

He is in the slow process of learning to greet other dogs appropriately, and is submissive towards them when off leash. His on leash manners can always be worked on with the right owner who is consistent and a good leader. Tyson also enjoys playing fetch but hasn't quite sorted out bringing the ball back to you. He is a big love bug and deserves a good forever or foster home.